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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
"Flashback" Friday,February 5th 8PM
Classic Rock (the way you remember it)
Welcome to Flashback. First dance, first kiss, first song? You will always remember those moments and the good old days you thought would never end. Tighten your seat belts, ladies and gents. We're about to take off. But no matter how crazy things get, remember to keep calm and lose yourself in the music. Because everything's gonna be just fine. Just be sure to check your pulse if you don't want to get up and dance to every song because "Flashback brings it". The way it was, the way it is and the way it always will be. Classic Rock at its best!
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  • 02/02/2016 "The Qi-Lo" Friday,February 12th 8PM
  • 02/02/2016 "Mark Bray and The Steel Soul Cowboys" Friday, February 19th 8 PM
  • 02/02/2016 "Karma Sharkz" Friday,February 26th 8 PM
  • 02/02/2016 "Second Stage Band" Friday, March 4th 8PM
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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